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Italgroup Hydraulic Motors

Italgroup have been worldwide distributors of radial piston hydraulic motors and radial piston flow dividers for over 30 years.

Founded in 1985 as Intermot SRL by Luciano Ghiaroni in Castelfranco Emilia based near Modena, Italy the company rebranded in 2011 to Italgroup.

Their European-made range comprises of motors with displacements from 20cc to 13000cc, flow dividers with oil flow from 5 lpm to 590 lpm and accessories such as planetary gearboxes, valves, brakes, torque limiters and tachometers.

Italgroup Radial Piston Motors optimise the efficiency of rotary drives thanks to the constant torque maintained for their whole speed range, even at very low speed and starting condition.

In 2018 they expanded their Stellar Motors series with the launch of the R8 series which is available up to 13.000 cc/rev containing new options such as anti-corrosion protection, high-pressure shaft seals and new mounting configurations.


Italgroup operates across 24 countries, producing 2750 units every year and 55 applications for its range of products.

They offer high-efficiency solutions for power transmission and flow division and are used in the following industries –

  • Industrial
  • Mobile
  • Marine and Offshore
  • Mining

Italgroup hydraulic motors

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