Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair service

Here at Dynamic Pump Services, we have years of experience in this field, and with our extensive stocks, comprehensive machine shop, and test facilities, we can offer a 24-hour turn round on most hydraulic pump and motor repairs.

When you’re looking for a company for a repair, we believe that choosing a reputable company over a backstreet repair shop is the best choice to make, especially when crucial equipment such as motors and pumps are concerned.

For this reason, we ensure that there are no hidden charges, and we’ll tell you all the costs involved right from the beginning.

If you are unsure about whether or not your product can be repaired, a member of our team can advise you with regards to what would be the best course of action. We believe that it’s important to know what you want – whether you want a repair or a complete replacement. Making an informed decision can make the process easier and quicker when you understand what it is that you want.


Hydraulic Pumps and Motor Repair

Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair

Common Signs Your Hydraulic Pump Needs Repairing

In today’s environment, refurbishment often represents a more cost-effective solution than investment in new equipment. Here are some common signs your hydraulic pump may need repairing or replacing.

Loud noises – Hearing lots of noises from hydraulic pumps is a signal that something isn’t right. Hydraulic pumps are full of fluids that flow through the system at high speeds and pressures. This can generate a lot of noise which is a clear sign it needs repairing or replacing. That is enough to generate a lot of noise; however, hydraulic pumps are designed to muffle such sounds.
Inside Leaks – As soon as you see liquids anywhere inside your pump, other than in the tubes they belong, there is definitely something wrong with the pump. Something as simple as a loose seal or valve can lead to more serious cases where there is a break in the line. This will cause a drop in pressure and malfunction the entire system. Identifying this problem can be a bit trickier because the leak occurs on the inside of the pump but if you carefully examine your pump before a long trip you can spot the problem before it gets worse.
Outside Leaks – If you spot liquid on the outside of your hydraulic pump then the leaking has spread, and action must be taken immediately. This is also an indication the pump is on its last legs. Whether it can be repaired or replaced is best left to experts such as Dynamic Pumps. Leaking reduces the pressure and increases the temperature of the system which affects the viscosity of the oil and further reduces the pressure in the system.
High Working Temperatures -For hydraulic pumps to work correctly it’s important to maintain a certain level of fluid viscosity which depends on the temperature and pressure. If either of these parameters is off, the pump will experience unnecessary strain than can lead to premature failure. Temperatures over 82°C (180°F) have a detrimental effect on performance and should be avoided. These temperatures are usually reached if the system isn’t cooled properly. Make sure there isn’t any obstruction in the air around the reservoir of the system and check the heat exchanger too.


Our Test Facilities

With the varied nature of hydraulic applications, Dynamic Pump Services operate two hydrostatically driven test rigs capable of pressure and flow testing up to 240 horsepower.

Testing these products is incredibly important, ensuring that you don’t need an emergency repair or worse, a replacement early on in the products life.
After every repair job we also rigorously test the pump or motor in question to ensure that it functions safely and to the highest of standards – helping to give you total peace of mind.


Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair

Contact us Today for Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs and Testing

Established for over 25 years, we are renowned for being one of the leading suppliers to the hydraulic industry. In addition to stocking a vast product range of genuine hydraulic pumps and motor replacements, we offer a comprehensive repair and testing service to support you every step of the way. If your equipment is faulty, or is no longer functioning to the usual high standards, contact us today to arrange a repair. We put each part through their paces and expose them to a range of conditions to ensure that they function to the highest possible standards.

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