Vane Pumps

Vane Pumps

Dynamic Pumps Services supply a wide range of vane pumps to companies throughout the UK.

We supply Veljan, Vickers, Rexroth, Denison and Continental pumps to name but a few. We also supply Maxma, Intermot and Danfoss motors.

In vane pumps, a number of vanes are held in a rotor that is driven by the main shaft. The whole rotates inside the cam ring. The vanes are held in touch with the cam ring initially by centrifugal force, but also by either spring in the vanes, or a hydraulic force from under the vane.

This type of balanced vane pump has two inlet sections and two pressure sections. There are therefore no radial side loadings on the drive shaft as there is on a gear pump. Holes through the vane equalise pressure on both sides of the vane and prevent ‘blow down’. The cam ring and rotor are capped on each side by the port plates front and rear and the whole assembly is called a cartridge.

Double and triple cartridge vane pumps are also available for large flow or multiple applications, ported with a single large inlet and two or three outlets.

Any change of output becomes a simple matter of replacing a cartridge for a larger or smaller displacement. A damaged or worn pump can be serviced quickly in the same way.

We also supply TDZ Cart Kits.

For more information about our vane pumps, please contact us directly or fill in the enquiry form below.

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